If you want to buy an air conditioner? Bluestar is an air conditioner brand you should not miss.
In this article, we will share the Blue Star AC Review and introduce you to the critical technologies of Bluestar Air Conditioner to help you decide whether to choose.

Blue Star AC Review – Key Technologies Used in Blue Star Air Conditioners




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April 7, 2020

Blue Star is India’s leading air-conditioning and commercial refrigeration company.
According to the official website’s data this year, Bluestar currently has 32 offices, 5 modern production facilities, 2800 employees and 2900 channel partners, with annual revenue of more than Rs 52 crore (over $ 750 million).
In addition, Bluestar also has 5,000 stores and 765 service partners, covering customers in more than 800 towns.
Relying on the comprehensive business model of manufacturers, contractors and after-sales service providers, Bluestar is able to provide its customers with complete end-to-end services, which is an important advantage of Bluestar.
In fact, about a third of commercial buildings in India use Bluestar products.

basic types Blue Star ACs

Bluestar provides multiple types of air conditioners and solutions for different use scenarios. Blue Star coolers can be found in various landmark buildings and large buildings (for example, airports, shopping centers, hospitals, and industrial sites).

Bluestar serves households with precision inverters, split and window AC, serves commercial complexes and apartments with the latest VRF and plumbing systems, uses the company’s commercial solutions (including a range of standard Split AC, Mega Split, Cassette, and Verticool AC) to serve showrooms, offices, and ATMs.

Here are the basic types of Blue Star room air conditioners that can be used for business and home use, as well as Blue Star’s main features and technologies:

INVERTER SPLIT AIR CONDITIONERS (Efficient. Intuitive. Precise.)

Inverter Split Air Conditioners that can expand or minimize their cooling capacities to deliver comfortable cooling and maximum energy savings.





* 100% COPPER

FIXED SPEED SPLIT AIR CONDITIONERS (Stylish. Compact. Energy-Efficient.)

Packed with features, these ACs deliver powerful cooling and high energy savings.





* 100% COPPER

WINDOW AIR CONDITIONERS (Powerful. Efficient. Eco-friendly.)

Comfort cooling that’s also easy on the pocket.





PORTABLE AIR CONDITIONERS (Compact. Convenient. Movable.)

When you move home, it moves with you.






Manufacturing Units

Blue Star has manufacturing plants in Dadra, Himachal, Wada, and Ahmedabad, covering an area of approximately 100,000 square meters. They use modern technology to manufacture equipment and have complete processes to ensure product quality and reliability.

In Bluestar, energy saving, environmental protection, and sustainable products are a significant prerequisite for development and R & D.

Efficiency and Eco-Friendliness

Maintaining high energy efficiency and eco-friendliness are the principles that Bluestar AC adheres. For this reason, Bluestar AC no longer uses R22 refrigerant in its split AC (R22 refrigerant is considered one of the leading causes of global warming).

Bluestar ACs use R32 and R410 as alternatives. R32 and R410 are better refrigerants, environmentally friendly, and meet the latest grade standards specified by the Energy Efficiency Agency (BEE).

Blue Star AC Review – Key Technologies Used in Blue Star Air Conditioners

Precision Cooling to 0.5°C

The ordinary inverter air conditioner can only maintain a temperature setting of 1 degree. If you set the air conditioner to 23 degrees, it will shift up and down by one degree. Bluestar’s precision cooling technology is an advanced microprocessor-based control technology that is programmed to maintain room temperature quickly and accurately. Even in extreme weather, you can precisely set the room temperature after the decimal point to 0.5 degrees, and enjoy comfortable cooling.

Dual Rotor Inverter Compressor

The Dual Rotor Inverter Technology is based on a dual-rotor compressor, which is a rotor compressor with two compression chambers. With this unique design, the compressor can reduce vibration, reduce noise, and extend the life of the compressor through dynamic balancing.

Also, dual-rotor inverter technology enables faster cooling.

BLDC Motor

In motor control technology, BLDC is the first choice for most applications. The most significant difference between a brushless DC motor and a conventional motor is that it runs on an electronic commutation device, which makes the engine more efficient, more durable and reduces noise.

Cold Plasma

Cold plasma technology generates active positive and negative ions rich in hydrogen and oxygen. These positive and negative ions can bind to harmful bacteria, mold spores, etc. in the air and form ionic bonds, thereby destroying them. These combinations increase the size of the particles, which are filtered by an air filter, allowing you to breathe pure air.

Automatic 4D Swing

Bluestar’s automated 4D swing technology allows the air conditioner to blow out gas in all directions, allowing the entire room to cool evenly.


BlueStar’s IFeel is a technology that ensures a comfortable temperature around “you and your family.”

Traditional air conditioners are equipped with sensors on the equipment to sense the temperature around the air conditioner, and then perform temperature control.

However, the sensor can only record the temperature in a limited area. This causes the traditional air-conditioned rooms to contain both hot and cold air, and air fluctuations at different temperatures cause cavitation.

The cavitation phenomenon is especially evident in the summer peak period and in large rooms, which makes people feel apparent uneven cooling and cause discomfort.

IFeel technology implants sensors in the remote control to ensure that the air conditioner can regulate the temperature according to the temperature around the user.

Anti-Corrosive Blue Fin Copper Condenser

Copper capacitors use individual anti-corrosion blue heat sinks to resist corrosion, thereby extending the life of alternating current.

7 Advanced Filters

Bluestar’s air conditioners are equipped with seven filters to minimize the pollutants in the air and ensure maximum comfort.

    Active Carbon Filter

The activated carbon filter absorbs and eliminates unpleasant odors so that you can breathe fresh and clean air.

    Anti-Bacterial Filter

Antimicrobial filters use biological bactericides to sterilize the air passing through them, thereby minimizing the presence of bacteria and limiting their metabolism and growth.

    Vitamin C Filter

Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant that interacts with free radicals. When used as a filter, it helps eliminate such free radicals that may cause harmful effects, thereby ensuring that you breathe healthy air.

    Catechin Filter

Catechin filters can inhibit bacterial growth, thereby significantly reducing harmful pollutants in the air.

    Silver Ion Filter

The filter prevents the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, and spores, while also eliminating the unpleasant odor in the air.

    Dust Filter

The dust filter adopts advanced design, which can capture tiny dust particles to keep the air you breathe healthily.

    Anti-Acarien Filter

Anti-mite filters prevent the growth of allergens in the air (such as house dust mites), which may cause discomfort or difficulty breathing.

5 Sensors

Bluestar’s air conditioner has five advanced Sensors – Condenser Coil Sensor, DLT Sensor, Evaporator Coil Sensor, Room Return Air Sensor, Ambient Sensor to protect the compressor of your air conditioner.

Comfort Sleep

Sleep mode is an intelligent function that ensures a comfortable temperature throughout the night. The user sets a specific temperature before going to bed. In sleep mode, the temperature set by the user will rise in a short time. Therefore, even if the outdoor temperature drops later in the evening, the user will not feel uncomfortable or too cold. Sleep mode also helps to save energy.

Smart Inverter Technology

Bluestar’s smart inverter technology, when used with intelligent apps, has smart Wi-Fi capabilities that allow you to remotely control the air conditioner from anywhere in your home using your smartphone.

Now, you only need to activate the home wireless network to enjoy all the functions provided by the physical controller virtually.

Hydrophilic Blue Fins Evaporator

Due to the low temperature of the evaporator (indoor coil), water condensation may result. This leads to the accumulation of dust particles, which affects the performance of the alternating current. The hydrophobic nature of the evaporator fins does not allow condensate to accumulate. This reduces the accumulation of dust particles and improves the cooling performance of alternating current.

Blow Clean

In this mode, the indoor blower in Blue Star AC will run for a few minutes, even if the air conditioner is turned off. This helps keep the indoor coil dry and prevents the accumulation of dust or mold. Moreover, due to moisture, the growth of bacteria in the indoor coil is significantly reduced.

Heat Mode

The heat pump in the inverter AC has several advantages. Thanks to the frequency conversion technology, you can save more than 30% of power consumption even in heating mode. There is no heating wire here because the same air conditioning cycle is used in the heating mode. There are no carbon residues, thus eliminating the risk of low oxygen content or suffocation.

Turbo Operation

In this mode, AC switches to “High / Turbo Fan Speed” to help reach the preset temperature in the shortest time.

Dry Mode

The drying mode is handy, especially when the room is wet during the monsoon. This function helps to remove moisture from the air quickly.

Anti-Cool Wind Function

In winter, when you switch to heating mode, the indoor fan will not run and blow in fresh air until it reaches the desired warm air temperature, thereby avoiding discomfort to the user.

Auto Defrosting Function

When the ambient temperature becomes very low, frost will form on the outside. This hinders the heating effect. The automatic defrost function will stop the fan motors of indoor and outdoor units, thus halting the heating mode to protect the AC power supply.

Metal Enclosure for PCB board

Bluestar air conditioners cover the PCB and prevent electronic components from overheating.

Anti-Freeze Thermostat

If the device is operated in low-temperature mode and set to a shallow temperature, frost will form on the heat exchanger. The anti-freeze thermostat on the indoor coil is a safety feature that stops the compressor and protects the equipment.

Compressor Jacket

Compressors of the variable frequency Acs and Multi Inverter series are equipped with soundproof covers. The jacket eliminates noise and makes the ODU quiet.

Pros and Cons of Blue Star AC

Bluestar air conditioners are widely used in various fields, from commercial to residential, from windows to split type, and the brand provides all types of ACS. If necessary, you can also obtain non-inverter AC power.

Besides, if you are a supporter of environmental protection, then Blue Star is one of your best choices. Bluestar does not use R22 refrigerant, which is considered to be the leading cause of global warming.

Blue Star also has outstanding advantages, and it works very quietly without much noise.

This is a good brand with no apparent problems.

Blue Star spends most of its income on research and development every year, and the Economic Times has rated Blue Star as one of the best corporate brands.


Bluestar is an excellent air-conditioning brand that can adapt to various fields.

Precise cooling, IFelel, multi-sensor, cold plasma provide a perfect indoor cooling effect.

Also, there are various modes, such as purge and heating modes, which provide a comfortable experience no matter where you are.

Besides, in terms of air quality, the brand is equipped with seven filters that allow you to breathe fresh air.

Generally speaking, no matter what type of equipment you are looking for, the Blue Star brand can meet your needs.