The first AC was invented by Will Carrier, who is the founder of Carrier Company. So, Carrier is the pioneer of its. It has a presence in over 100 countries around the world. Carrier currently has a market share of a single digit in India’s HVAC market, but it is one of the prestigious brands in the HVAC sector in India. Here is a Carrier AC review that highlights the critical technologies of Carrier AC.

Carrier AC India Review




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March 17, 2020

Key Carrier AC Technologies – (Review 2020)

Refrigerant Leakage Detector

Carrier AC India Review

External damages, factor defects, or improper installation can cause refrigerant inside an air conditioner to leak. And inhaling some toxic refrigerants such as Freon can result in a low supply of oxygen to lungs and cells. But the most exciting thing about Carrier Air Conditioners is that most of their models come fitted with an early warning system. This system can detect leaks and turn off the AC. Carrier AC displays any relevant error to alert the user about a potential leakage.

Smart Cooling

Carrier AC India Review

Carrier equips all its new Carrier AC India with a Follow Me feature. Enabling Follow Me activates the sensor inside the remote. So, AC utilizes information obtained from the remote sensor to adjust the temperature levels. Follow Me can gather temperature information of an entire room to ensure optimum indoor temperatures.

Anti-VOC Filter and PM 2.5 for Clearing Microscopic Impurities

Carrier AC India Review

The rapid growth of industries has contributed to the recent rise of pollution to hazardous levels. PM 2.5 is one of the particulates that add to this. PM 2.5 comprises fine particles that can be less than 2 microns in width. These particles can cause severe health complications. They are beautiful enough to travel through the respiratory system. Some of the health impairments related to PM 2.5 include coughing and sneezing. It can also cause eye and nose irritation and increased chronic bronchitis rates. PM 2.5 also contributes to lung and throat irritation.

Fortunately, the new Carrier Air Conditioner comes with a transparent filter that preserves indoor air quality. New Midea models feature an anti-VOC filter that blocks volatile organic compounds. Organic compounds are more natural to become gases or vapors due to their high vapor pressure. The Anti-VOC screen that Midea ACs come with can help eliminate toxic compounds such as formaldehyde.

Auto Cleanser Featuring Filter Cleaning Notifier

Carrier AC India Review

Air filters are a crucial component of an air conditioner. Neglecting the air filters can reduce your AC’s cooling capacity. Studies show that the cooling capacity of an AC without proper maintenance and cleaning can diminish by 50%. Studies also show that most people rarely maintain and clean their air conditioners at regular intervals. Fortunately, CMI air conditioners come armed with auto cleaner technology. It is an impeccable air filtration technology that cleanses itself.

4-Way Swing Technology

Carrier AC India Review

Most ACs come with a 2 Way Swing blade for thorough cooling. However, modern CMI ACs come equipped with a 4-way Swing blade that blows air in multiple directions to keep a room cold. One advantage of using a 4-way swing AC is that you don’t have to adjust it to spread the airflow across the room. Air conditioners with 4 way swing technologies feature wider louvers on the vertical and horizontal bars to keep every corner of a room cold.

NextGen Dehumidifier For Humidity Check

Carrier AC India Review

Air conditioners tend to overwork during summer seasons. An ordinary air conditioner can cause water leakage or fail to control humidity during cold winter months. Conventional air conditioners consume more energy during the rainy season. They also make a room feel uncomfortably cold. It can also lead to health ailments such as headaches, cold, or sneezing. The humid climate can also allow mildew and mold to thrive. That can pose more health risks. However, the good news is that Carrier ACs feature NextGen Dehumidifier. It is a smart sensor that adjusts the AC upon detection of high humidity.

Auto Louver Memory and Auto Restart

Carrier AC India Review

Load shedding and power cuts are frequent in distant villages and towns in India. The air conditioner is one of the electric devices that are susceptible to blackouts due to their heavy electricity appliance. Carrier ACs feature Auto Restart functionality. It is responsible for restoring the AC to the previous settings automatically, even after a blackout.

Copper Condenser

Carrier AC India Review

Condensers used in all CMI air conditioners are pure copper. One advantage of copper condensers over aluminum ones is that copper is a better heat conductor. It is also more comfortable to maintain and clean and durable than the aluminum condenser. Carrier AC India features anti-corrosive hydrophilic blue fin technology. This technology can’t corrode easily or allow condensed water to accumulate.

Eco-Friendly Refrigerant

Carrier AC India Review

Air conditioners use the refrigerant to soak extreme room temperature and transfer it outside the room. It undergoes a series of phases when it absorbs heat. It turns to liquid when it is condensed. Carrier ACs come with R-410 refrigerant. This is an eco-friendly refrigerant that doesn’t contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer.

Hybridjet Inverter

Carrier AC India Review

Conventional air conditioners use single-speed compressors that can be put on or off. The compressor is the engine that powers other components of the air conditioner. The compressor of conventional AC can suddenly switch on when room temperatures reach a certain level. Carrier ACs come with an Hybridjet inverter technology that draws less or more power based on the standard set in the thermostat and incoming air.

Pros and Cons of Carrier Air Conditioners

Carrier AC India Review

The design of Carrier Air Conditioners is operationally and aesthetically pleasing. Also, Carrier ACs are silent and use copper condensers. The other thing to cheer about Carrier ACs is the backlit remote control. Again, the fact that Carrier AC is an established brand means that its spare parts are readily available.


Carrier AC is one of the reputable brands in the HVAC sector. But its market penetration in the residential industry seems pretty low. However, it features technologies such as a 4-way swing that is powerful enough to cool even the farthest corner of a room. This Carrier AC review highlights critical features as eco-friendly refrigerants, inverter compressor, and copper condenser. They all contribute to optimal cooling and minimal environmental impact.