When temperatures rise high during the summers, the best thing to do is to buy an air conditioner. An air conditioner that works effectively in over 50 degrees centigrade is perfect for the Indian tropical climate. Daikin is a Japanese company that provides safe and reliable air conditioners to beat the extreme heat. In this Daikin AC review, you will get to know more about these air conditioners. Their production process reduces noise levels and lowers power consumption. Let’s take a dip at the Daikin AC review.

Daikin AC Technologies in India – Review 2020




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March 19, 2020

Critical Daikin AC technologies – (Review 2020)

3D Coanda airflow

Daikin AC Technologies in India – Review 2020

Ordinary ACs have p and down’ blades that swing to distribute cold air in the room. But Daikin AC has 3D airflow technology that blows the cold air in several directions. It has right, left, up, and down lateral movement to cool the room.

The function of 3D air swing is to spread the cold airflow across all directions in the room. As such, each corner becomes almost cool as that of the area near the front side of the AC blade. This technology is called 3D Coanda airflow and comes in the FTKP series of Daikin AC.

2-in-1 AC for both cooling and heating

Daikin AC Technologies in India – Review 2020

It is a general notion that people think AC is an appliance that blows chill air and brings down the temperature of a space to certain cold levels. But the idea is to condition the setting to a specific temperature.

That means, it should condition the temperature during the winter as well. It should heat the entire room on frosty winters. Daikin’s Dual-Comfort series have 2-in-1 functionality.

Even in temperatures like 4 degrees centigrade, they will heat the room. The flaps blow the warm air to the room’s floor. It heats the room quickly and saves energy.

Power Chill Mode with 2-ways flap flattening

Daikin AC Technologies in India – Review 2020

During summers, you spend an entire day in the scorching sun. You come back home sweaty and exhaust. Then you wish to have a quick cold ambiance. But the old ACs will take much time to deliver the cold air.

The new Daikin AC comes with Power Chill mode, and it ensures you that you won’t feel such type of exhaustion further. When you switch this mode, it maximizes the cooling effect quickly regardless of how it operates.

When the dual flaps are flattened, the cold air disperses at high speeds. It takes a maximum of 20 minutes for the room to cool.

Streamer Discharge Technology

Daikin AC Technologies in India – Review 2020

Respiratory diseases like lung cancer are linked to air pollution. The risk arising of particulate type pollution is like a smoking exposure. PM 2.5, a particulate matter consists of fine particles that are present in the air.

These are two and a half microns, or even less in full. Their primary sources are vehicle emission and the burning of oil and wood. The Streamer Discharge technology that uses comes with 4-layer filters.

It filters most of the pollutants, dust, odor-causing bacteria, and allergens. The 4-way technology makes sure to circulate the fresh air to every corner of the room.

Copper Condenser

Daikin AC Technologies in India – Review 2020

All Daikin ACs consists of 100% copper condensers. Copper transfers heat better than aluminum. The copper condenser is easy to clean and more durable than the traditional aluminum ones. However, the copper condenser is expensive than aluminum.

Another significant thing about Daikin air conditioners is that some models come with an anti-corrosion fin for the outdoor heat exchanger. People who live in high-humidity areas will find this useful. It will safeguard their machines from corrosive elements.

Stabilizer-free operation

Daikin AC Technologies in India – Review 2020

Load shedding and power cuts are a common thing in India. It is more in villages and towns. An air conditioner is a significant appliance and susceptible to unpredictable blackouts. Because of voltage fluctuations from power cuts, the AC could be damaged.

Daikin air conditioner is fully equipped to cope up with this crisis. Their premium FTKP series has a stabilizer-free operation. The appliance can work effectively without getting damaged because of excess electricity flow. If the voltage fluctuates the set limits, between 160 and 264 volts, the power supply will switch-off.

Inverter compressor

Daikin AC Technologies in India – Review 2020

Traditional ACs have a single-speed compressor. When the room temperature reaches a certain temperature, a noise confirms that the compressor is switched on. Inverter Compressor is a significant innovation in the area of its.

Almost every Daikin AC comes equipped with an inverter compressor.

The compressor remains on all the time but draws more or less power depending on the incoming air temperature.

It also depends on the set levels in the thermostat.

The power and speed of the compressor are accurately adjusted. The compressor optimizes peak performance and gives perfect cooling in temperatures that exceeds 48 degrees centigrade.

Pros and cons:

Daikin AC Technologies in India – Review 2020

First things first, the Daikin AC provides Coanda airflow. The blade swings in the upward direction and prevents the cold air from hitting the person sitting in front of the air conditioner. The air purification process found in these ACs is another advantage.

There is no question that Daikin is the best in this business. They have a whole lot of innovative technologies like the Streamer Discharge that ensures the dispersed air is free from pollutants and odor-free.

The air filtration system is these appliances are even recognized by the National Asthma Council. R22 refrigerant resulted in the depletion of ozone levels and avoided in newer models.

The present-day models feature R410 or R32 refrigerant that have zero depletion levels of ozone. Using copper condenser is another significant advantage in Daikin AC. The aluminum condenser is not durable and needs frequent repairs.

Non-availability of windows AC is the major drawback of Daikin AC. There are prospective Indian consumers that prefer a window AC than the split ones. The 2-way inverter technology used by other reputed brands is a bit more energy efficient.

Some models of Daikin can operate at a maximum temperature of 46 degrees centigrade. But it makes them ineffective in some Indian cities where the temperatures rise to extreme levels. Make sure to check the functional temperature before buying them.


Daikin AC Technologies in India – Review 2020

Base on the above Daikin AC Review, no doubt that Daikin is a world-class AC brand that adopts modern technologies. It is also the fastest-growing brand in India, with a growth rate of over 22%. Daikin air conditioners ensure consent with international quality standards.