Many people use an air conditioner, both at home and in their offices. But most people don’t know how the air conditioner works and who invented the air conditioner.




Air Conditioner


March 02, 2020

How does Air Conditioner Work?

The air conditioner works similarly to a refrigerator.

The main difference is that the fridge is used to cool only a small area, while the air conditioner is used to cool a larger area.

The Air conditioner uses the chemical used in the fridge to remove heat from the air and thus replace the fever with cold air.

how air conditioning works

There are some essential concepts before understanding how air conditioning works.

As we all know, heat goes from warm to cold and also changes the boiling point of the refrigerant concerning pressure change, it also means that if the pressure is higher when the boiling point is higher.

On the contrary, if the pressure is low, the boiling point is also low.

Then, the refrigerant will boil and then absorb heat from the surrounding environment when the outside temperature is higher than the chemical.

In other cases, if the surrounding environment is more relaxed than the refrigerant, the condensation process will be carried out.

Thus the chemical will condense and thus become a liquid substance and therefore lose heat.

how air conditioning works

Air conditioners work in the form of a cycle.

It starts with the process of compressing the soda that causes it to heat up and turn into a pressure gas.

The gas is then sent through coils to disperse the heat from the air and then transform the chemical into a liquid substance.

The chemical then enters an evaporator coil, where it becomes cold vapor again.

The heat of the air is absorbed, and the cooling air spreads throughout the room or building.

The whole process is repeated over and over again, and so we get the cooling air.

More konwledge in wikipedia.

Who Invented Air Conditioner,and When AC was invented?

Willis Haviland Carrier, an American engineer, invented air conditioner on November 26, 1876- October 7, 1950. In 1902 he developed an electric air conditioning.

who invented air conditioner

Air Conditioning Technologies.

Split Air Conditioning:

These types of hybrid refrigeration systems are becoming more popular among Wisconsin homeowners because of their exceptional performance and cost savings.

Specialized controls determine the lowest-cost operation so you can adjust for changes in fuel and electricity rates.

More importantly, they give you the flexibility of zoning a conventional room unit along with the potential for whole-house cooling of a central system.

Many split-system air conditioning units can provide both summer and winter heat and heating.

Easy to install in new homes or as modifications, it also has a ductless split system option that does not interfere with your interior design in any way.

how air conditioning works

Geothermal Cooling:

Renewable energy consumption makes geothermal air conditioning a low-cost operation.

Installation is also cheaper when installed in the initial design of a building.

A geothermal system uses the energy of the Earth’s core to power the equipment.

Several tubes (ground circuit) are buried under your yard, and an ethanol solution circulates through them to make the course a very efficient heat conductor.

In the summer, the heat transfer process involves cooling.

The ethanol liquid in the pipes leaves the house in a warm state and, after circulating underground, returns to a lower temperature to cool your home.

Geothermal cooling systems are known to last longer than traditional ACs.

how air conditioning works

Mobile Access:

With the help of smartphones, it is easier than ever to control your home, even when traveling or away from home.

Through mobile applications, users can monitor their air conditioning units to make sure they are not left in the morning when they leave the house for work during the morning.

Besides, you can change the temperature in their homes by accessing their cell phone and without having to get up from the couch.

how air conditioning works

Air conditioning systems are the ones that maintain the safety of the environment with indoor air quality.

Without a proper air conditioning system, a home or business can have a safe air that is pumped through your building.

Fortunately, technology has been incorporated into air conditioning machines to help them filter air more effectively while lowering energy costs.