When it comes to washing clothes, it is seen that the technological advancements during the last few decades have changed the way to wash clothes. A few decades back people used to wash their clothes by hand. Then washing machines were introduced to save time and effort while washing clothes. Then after many technological improvements, automatic washing machines came into existence.

Today various types of automatic washing machines are available in the market including semi-automatic and fully automated. Fully automatic washing machines are also available in two types- Front loading fully automatic machines and top-loaded fully automatic machines. Today we are going to discuss how to use automatic washing machines?

Though you can find automatic washing machines in various types of sizes, shapes, and styles in the market, you can use any of them with the help of the information provided in this write-up. The step-by-step instructions provided hereunder will help you in using all types of automatic washing machines as a professional washer.




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May 14, 2020

How to use a fully-automatic washing machine?

How to use a fully-automatic washing machine?

Before, starting to use a fully automatic machine, you must know what a fully automatic machine is.

What is a fully automatic washing machine?

A washing machine that includes only one drum to be used for both functions, including washing and drying your clothes automatically is known as a Fully-Automatic washing machine.

The price of these washing machines is a bit higher than the semi-automatic washing machines because of its various exclusive features and functions.

Types of fully automatic washing machine?

The fully-automatic washing machines come in two types- top load machines and front load machines. It is easy to use top load washing machines. There is a door on the top of these machines from where the clothes are loaded into their drum.

We are going to discuss the methods of washing clothes in both types of fully automatic washing machines in this article.

How to use a top load washing machine?

  • While washing clothes in top loading fully automatic washing machines you should, first of all, add laundry detergent suitable for top load machines into the dispenser drawer on your machine, if it has, or directly in its empty drum.
  • Now you can add the clothes to be washed into the drum. While loading your clothes, at the top of the drum, you should leave space enough to put your hand in it.
  • Now to start washing clothes you should select the washing cycle according to the type of fabric of the clothes you are going to wash. While choosing the washing cycle, you should follow the washing instructions provided on the labels of the clothing.
  • After selecting the cycle and switching on the washing machine, your clothes will be washed and dried automatically.
  • After the completion of the process, you should unload the laundry immediately to keep the freshness of your clean clothes.

How to use a front load washing machine?

Washing clothes in a front loading fully automatic washing machine can be a bit more difficult than a top-loading fully automatic washing machine.

The main reason behind it can be the use of many dials and switches on them. But when you use these features, then it can be easier to wash clothes in a front loading washing machine.

Steps to using the front-load fully automatic washing machine.

  • While adding laundry detergent into the front loading fully automatic machine, you must follow the instructions provided in the user manual. The amount of detergent should be exactly according to the level of dirtiness of the clothes, hardness of the water in your region, and the number of clothes you want to wash. You should pour the detergent into the washing machine’s dispenser drawer.
  • After adding detergent, you should open the front door of the machine to load laundry into it. But while loading the washing machine, you should ensure that it is not overfilled by putting your hand into it. You should take out some of the clothes from the machine if you cannot fit your palm into it.
  • Now before switching on the washing machine, you should select the temperature according to the instructions provided on the label of the garments.
  • You should also choose the cycle of spinning the clothes according to the instructions on the label of the clothes as different types of fabrics to have to be spun at different cycles. A slow cycle is enough for delicate fabrics like silk etc. whereas a faster cycle is required for durable fabrics like cotton etc.
  • After selecting the temperature and cycle, you can close the door of the washing machine and switch it on to start washing your laundry.
  • After the process is over, you should unload the machine immediately to retain the freshness of the laundry.

How to use a semi-automatic washing machine?

How to use a semi-automatic washing machine?

Before using a semi-automatic machine, you must know it also.

What is a semi-automatic washing machine?

Unlike a fully automatic machine, a semi-automatic washing machine has two drums- one for washing and rinsing the clothes and the other to spin dry them. It is effortless to use a semi-automatic machine by following the steps provided hereunder.

A step-by-step guide for using the semi-automatic washing machine.

  • You can start by adding clothes into the semi-automatic washing machine but avoid overfilling it.
  • Now add the washing detergent and water to it according to the washing instructions provided on the labels of the clothes.
  • Now select the duration of washing clothes.
  • After the completion of the cycle, you should drain out the water.
  • Now to rinse the clothes, you will have to add more water
  • After rinsing the clothes, you should drain out the water
  • Now put the rinsed clothes into the second drum to spin dry them. If your machine has a single drum, then you can select the spin mode for this purpose.
  • After completing the cycle, you can remove the clothes and air dry them after hanging.

Thus you can use any automatic washing machine easily by following the information provided in this write-up. However, while washing clothes in the automatic machine of any type, you must read the labels on your garments to select the temperature, and spin cycle accordingly.