Since the birth of air conditioners, it has undertaken the mission of “air conditioning.” The world’s first patent for air conditioning is named “air conditioning device.” It’s just that the first air conditioner was for people, but because the heat and humidity caused the handwriting to be blurred when printing paper products, it forced engineers to develop such a device. Nowadays, air conditioners have been widely used in homes, and people’s demand for air conditioners has also undergone several changes. What are the differences in the temperature control function of the latest air conditioners compared to the past? Let’s take a look at how people’s demand for air conditioners has developed from “cooling fast” to “not blowing people” to “balanced temperature field.”




Air Conditioner


April 13, 2020

Improvements I

The main functions of the new air conditioners in pursuit of the fast cooling stage are cooling and dehumidification. The air conditioner will also bring people coolness and comfort and improve people’s living environment. From this, the air conditioner has begun to enter thousands of households and has realized the all-weather design that can cool, dehumidify, and heat. Temperature control is the core function of the air conditioner, which can help users to achieve the indoor temperature they want in the shortest time: the hot summer day, enter the indoor from the steamy outdoor, want to feel the coolness quickly; Enter the room from the ultra-low temperature outdoor, and want to feel the warmth immediately. Under such circumstances, the speed of air conditioning cooling heat is the issue that consumers are most concerned about. At this stage, the function of the air conditioner is not as much as it is today. The rapid temperature change is the competitiveness of the air conditioner. It is necessary to improve the efficiency of the refrigeration system comprehensively to solve this problem. For example, compressors, motors, evaporators, and condensers need to be continuously innovated, so that the temperature of the cold air sent by the air conditioner is low enough, the power is strong enough, and it is blown far enough. However, direct cold wind blowing for a long time is easy to cause “air conditioning disease,” so air conditioning manufacturers have begun to work hard in this regard.

Improvements II

Various stages of “the wind does not blow people” scene. At this stage, multiple manufacturers can be described as “eight immortals show their magical powers across the sea.” Various “nominal” technologies have emerged, such as “Eight-faced exquisite wind” and “anti-direct blowing.” At the same time, most air conditioners on the market began to emphasize the concepts of no wind, soft wind, and weak wind. In short, they all made a fuss about “wind.” As for the air conditioner, how to better control the wind and not blow people, and at the same time the temperature in the room is suitable, people feel comfortable, in the final analysis, or technical considerations. From this perspective, it is necessary to return to the essence of air conditioning and refrigeration. The principle of air conditioning and refrigeration is to circulate the hot air in the room through the indoor and outdoor of the compressor and the two devices and change the warm air into the fresh air, and then send the cold air to all corners of the house through the wind deflector. But do the technical points played by the merchants in the promotion process conform to the cooling principle of air conditioners? For example, the wind deflector is used to break the wind, let the wind pass through a baffle filled with small holes, and then blow people, reducing the intensity of the wind, making people feel that the wind does not blow people. However, this kind of air supply technology can only create a gentle experience of the amount of human air. What is “disrupted” is not only the strength of the wind but also the coolness brought by the air volume? To create a comfortable experience, you also need to think about the temperature field.

Improvements III

At the stage of creating a balanced temperature field, the needs of users are continually upgrading. At this stage, consumers want to create a stable temperature in the room while cooling and heating fast, which is also based on the consideration of the comfort of using air conditioning. Driven by this consumer demand, a new way of air supply was born, which is the third stage currently pursued by the air-conditioning industry: “Constant Temperature, three-dimensional air supply.”

Constant Temperature, Three-Dimensional Air Supply Technology

The “Constant Temperature, three-dimensional air supply technology” pioneered by Gree is divided into “sport large air deflector technology” applied on the hook and “distributed air supply technology” used on the cabinet, which can realize “shower cooling, Carpet heating. ” Gree sports large wind deflector, the area is 1.7 times that of an ordinary wind deflector, and its spin angle can reach 159 °. When cooling, the edge of the air deflector reaches 60 °, and the cold wind reaches the ceiling horizontally and then falls; when heating, the air deflector is at 30 °, the hot air is vertically downward, people warm their feet first, let the air in the feet heat up first, Then spread to the whole body and the entire house.

Due to the difference between the cabinet and the on-hook system, when the office achieves the same purpose, it adopts “distributed air supply,” which can make up and down air distribution, cold and warm distribution, and can be discharged from the air outlet during cooling. Send the cold wind to the roof, and then the cold air will naturally drop to achieve the effect of cooling the whole house so that the wind will not blow people. When heating, the upper and lower air outlets are together, mainly when the smaller air outlets are exhausted, the effect of “carpet heating” can be achieved, which can quickly and evenly heat the room. The vertical temperature difference between the upper and lower sides does not exceed three ℃ When the traditional air conditioner is heating, the upper body is too hot, and the lower body is too cold.

Gree’s three-dimensional air supply technology pursues the scientific concept by fluid mechanics and aerodynamics: cold air is heavy, so the best way to send cold air is from top to bottom as if people are taking a shower; hot air is light, so it is best The way of carrying hot air is from bottom to top, as if people are walking on a warm carpet, and then create a balanced temperature field, so that “every corner is the temperature you want.”


From single cold to warm and cold, from fixed frequency to frequency conversion, from the critical remote control to voice interaction, each step of the air conditioner is well concentrated with advanced fashion technology. However, to solve consumer pain points, we still need to rely on superior technology. The construction of the temperature field allows people to enter the comfortable era of air conditioning temperature control, allowing more users to enjoy the results of science and technology. On a hot summer day, the country will usher in new high-temperature weather, is your home’s air conditioner the latest air conditioner?